Colombo is our metal bottle for edible oil. It has been developed to be compatible with glass bottles commonly used in the edible oil sector. Outside, they may come plain or with customised graphics.

They are mainly used for:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Olive oil
  • Seed oil

A wide range of products

Bottles are produced in a cylindrical or rectangular shape with a capacity of 250, 500 or 750 ml.

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Cylindrical or rectangular

Colombo bottles are cylindrical or rectangular.

Filling lines

Colombo metal bottles are compatible with filling lines used for glass bottles.


Caps and closures are the same as those used for glass bottles.


Metal packaging forms a barrier against light and oxygen. This makes it possible to preserve oil organoleptic features. Colombo bottles are light and this reduces transport costs.


Safe packaging

Colombo bottles are shatterproof

Safe transport

Colombo bottles make products be delivered safely to customers


Ideal for e-commerce

Focus on

Printing department

Gruppo ASA is at the forefront of customisation since printing is one of our main assets.
ASA deals directly with the entire process thus
ensuring total control over this activity and stability of your business.

Circular Economy

Tinplate is considered an excellent circular material.
Since it can be continuously and totally recycled, it is transformed
by reusing the same material in the production cycle

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