ASA for the edible oil market

Why metal for oil cans?

Metal packaging forms a barrier against light and oxygen. This makes it possible to preserve oil organoleptic features.
SAFE PACKAGING: metal bottles are shatterproof.
SAFE TRANSPORT: metal bottles make products be delivered safely to customers. Ideal for e-commerce.
Metal bottles are light and this reduces transport costs.
They are completely unbreakable. They are completely customizable.






We supply our wide range of products
to leading multinational companies worldwide


Rectangular with a hole

175ml - 6l

Cylindrical cans with a hole

250ml - 5.5l


2,5l - 30l


250ml - 750ml


Internal protection coating

All Gruppo ASA's cans for edible oil are internally coated with BPA-NI (BPA - not intentionally added) substances to protect products also in case of thermal stress.


The innovative system E.OL.O.

Easy-pour for OLive Oil

Gruppo ASA is proud of its new 117x147 mm cans. This innovative product makes oil flow without interruption thanks to an extra capped hole applied during the production process. It comes with DIN-32 or DIN-42 hole for filling.

Focus on

Printing department

Gruppo ASA is at the forefront of customisation since printing is one of our main assets.
ASA deals directly with the entire process thus
ensuring total control over this activity and stability of your business.

Circular Economy

Tinplate is considered an excellent circular material.
Since it can be continuously and totally recycled, it is transformed
by reusing the same material in the production cycle

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