Infant Formula cans

Our Infant Formula cans are supplied without lid or bottom end to be filled and closed by seaming. Inside, they are uncovered or coated according to use. Outside, they may come plain or with customised graphics.

They are mainly used for

  • Infant formula

A wide range of products

Infant Formula cans are produced in two diameters (99mm and 127 mm) and capacities from 400gr to 1,2Kg.



Cans may come with horizontal beading to be more stable and robust.

Peel off or D-shape and O-shape

Lids may be O-shaped or D-shaped.

Focus on

Printing department

Gruppo ASA is at the forefront of customisation since printing is one of our main assets.
ASA deals directly with the entire process thus
ensuring total control over this activity and stability of your business.

Circular Economy

Tinplate is considered an excellent circular material.
Since it can be continuously and totally recycled, it is transformed
by reusing the same material in the production cycle

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