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About Us


The ASA Group has worked in the sector of metal packaging since 1961, the year in which ASA San Marino was founded.
The group has expanded in Europe with a bold and significant series of takeovers and start-ups, and now comprises a pool of companies capable of offering truly innovative solutions of outstanding quality.
Over the years, ASA has extended its range of products, with a particular focus on the growth of metal container production for both the food oil and the chemical sectors.
Ever since the outset, ASA understood that central geographical locations with respect to its main markets would be of primary importance, with supply close to demand to cut transport costs and enhance contacts with customers, and today the ASA Group is one of Europe's leading producers of metal packaging containers.
The ASA Group is a team of companies that offers a vast range of products with exceptionally high quality standards, allowing it to adapt perfectly to serve the needs of the changing market, and making its skills and experience available to customers. The group does not in fact limit its work to making and selling its products, but offers a comprehensive service, following a precise philosophy of fully catering for the needs of its customers, and acting more as a partner than a supplier.
Speed and accuracy of service are the crucial factors that are constantly requested by our customers.
The location of the production facilities in key market areas allows the ASA Group to offer all companies looking for a reliable partner products of dependable quality, manufactured and shipped with the greatest promptness.