ASA for industrial market

Services and advantages

A wide range of products that meet our customers' needs


Cans ranging from 250 ml to 30 l

Certified transportation of hazardous goods

Production concentrated in European countries

Strong materials to preserve and protect goods

A wide range of products


Rectangular with a hole

175ml - 6l

Cylindrical cans with a hole

250ml - 5.5l

Small drums

7l - 30l


2,5l - 30l

Cylindrical cans with lever lid

125ml - 6l


Internal protection coating for corrosive products

Gruppo ASA supplies its cans to the industrial sector with internal coatings, which ensure the integrity of products containing water or corrosive materials.


Transport of hazardous goods

Gruppo ASA's cans are certified and homologated for the transport of hazardous goods in compliance with international laws in force.

Focus on

Printing department

Gruppo ASA is at the forefront of customisation since printing is one of our main assets.
ASA deals directly with the entire process thus
ensuring total control over this activity and stability of your business.

Circular Economy

Tinplate is considered an excellent circular material.
Since it can be continuously and totally recycled, it is transformed
by reusing the same material in the production cycle

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