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Quality and Technology


The ASA Group covers the entire metal packaging production process, including coil-cutting, varnishing and printing, printed sheet slitting, end-making, assembly and distribution, enhancing the typical qualities of environmental sustainability, safety and versatility. In fact, metal containers ensure total protection against contact with oxygen, light, damp and all other contaminants, conserving the full flavour and aroma of food products, and with a lightness and resistance to breakage that makes them easy to move, fill and store.
In addition, metal containers are totally printable, and are therefore capable of offering fully customized communication, highlighting all the quality of the product and brand with no need for other labels.
The ASA Group has its own in-house prepress office that uses Computer-to-Plate technology for the production of printing plates, made directly by laser tools without any other intervening processes. The printing department also uses state-of-the-art technologies, with two printing lines featuring 6-colour printing machines with UV inks.
This high printing capacity ensures great flexibility of service, together with over 35 production lines in the can assembly departments of the various ASA Group production facilities, and it is precisely this great availability of resources that allows it to guarantee extremely high quality and rapid delivery times.
The range of products offered by the ASA Group includes a vast series of metal can types and sizes, suitable for all production sectors.